The power of MRI equipment is increasing continuously to meet the demand for better and faster imaging and this trend is expected to continue.

The more powerful equipment generates more audible noise. IMEDCO has therefore developed its optional SilentSHIELD™ series of soundproofed doors, windows, walls, floor, and ceiling for its RF enclosures.

Most SilentSHIELD™ RF components are covered by U.S. Patent Nos. 6,519,899 and 6,626,264 and 7,117,640 B2.

Various SilentSHIELD™ packages can be provided for specific site conditions:


StandardDOOR  Rw = 40 dB or Rw = 42 dB

FrictionlessDOOR  Rw = 43 dB


Rw = 43 dB (up to Rw = 55 dB)

Rw = 36 dB

Features and benefits​​

Higher sound attenuation components are also available on request.

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