Project Management

We offer complete project management for RF and magnetic shielding including:

These services are provided locally by IMEDCO and our partner companies. IMEDCO sales and project managers are fluent in more than 10 languages. From their offices around the world, they communicate directly with you to determine your needs and ensure that the enclosure performs as you expect. All are technically qualified and are kept abreast of the latest developments by ongoing training and when they need it, they receive full technical support from the specialists in Switzerland.

IMEDCO shielding products are engineered and designed to the customer‘s specifications at AutoCAD® workstations.

Most of the basic elements are pre- engineered modules stored in an electronic library.We are fully experienced with all MRI systems of the major manufacturers, study and keep the respective manuals and site planning guides up-to-date and maintain the highest standard of training of our staff.

IMEDCO prepares in cooperation with the architect, the hospital and the MRI vendor the drawings of the structural building around the RF enclosure.

The drawing indicates the location and size of the required openings for the door, the system filter box, the MR entry opening, air conditioning feed through and similar as well as overall room dimensions and details.

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