Quench Pipe

MRI magnets have superconducting coil windings, which require liquid helium to cool the coils within the MRI system down to -269° C (4.25 degrees Kelvin).

The helium Vent System is essential to operate most of the MRI magnets in a safe way. A so called “quench” can happen in case of an emergency, while ramping down the magnet or due to a malfunction of the MRI system which leads to a large flow of extremely cold Helium gas flowing under elevated pressure through the helium vent pipe. The temperature during a quench-situation within the pipe is around -268° Celsius degrees. Even the temperature at the exit point of the quench pipe is still around -200 Celsius degrees, which represents a significant risk for all creatures.

IMEDCO supports all customers with explicit knowhow during the planning phase of an MRI project. The quench routing is only one part which needs to be considered. Individual quench pipe solutions are key. IMEDCO focuses not only on the technical implementation but also on the aesthetic aspects.

Our first objective is to fulfill the individual MRI manufacturers requirements, to prevent any health and safety risks.

We therefore are holding several welding certificates which are mandatory to provide adequate solutions for our customers. We can draw on a wealth of experience and would like to share a few of our references with you.

Our quench pipes are manufactured according to
EN ISO 3834-3 specifications

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