Magnetically Shielded Rooms (MSR)

MSRs are necessary for medical processes that use highly sensitive sensors to detect and measure minute bio magnetic signals radiated from various parts of the human body.

The MSR improves the strength of the useful signal by excluding the background magnetism and other spurious magnetic fields.

An MSR is an enclosure with a shell comprising layers of high permeability metals that are also good electrical conductors. This attenuates (absorbs) the spurious magnetic and electrical fields emanating from numerous sources in buildings such as hospitals. Before designing an MSR, the electromagnetic ambient at the proposed site has to be determined. Depending on the results, alternative sites may need to be considered to make a solution technical feasible or financially acceptable.

Photo: Technical University of Munich

IMEDCO is your partner when it comes to setting new standards in the shielding of magnetic fields. The picture shows an MSR whose shielding properties set new limits. The MSR is still under construction, but we are sure that you will hear about its groundbreaking performance.

Swiss engineering plus high quality material equals the best Magnetically Shielded Rooms. Our products are modular and durable. Whether standard or high performance -MSR, IMEDCO has the capabilities to meet your needs. Please contact us for more information and consultation.

One of our latest projects for an American University. The time-lapse video shows the factory installation in Switzerland. All IMEDCO MSR are first assembled and tested in Switzerland before delivery to the customer. This allows us to ensure the highest possible quality.

Attenuation typically achieved by IMEDCO MSRs:

Other application examples:
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