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Interior Finishing and Fittings

To achieve an undisturbed homogeneous MRI field, all parts of the construction and internal fittings are of non-magnetic materials. The prefabricated wall panels are fitted quickly without creating appreciable noise and can be removed to give access to the RF enclosure for modifications, magnet replacement, etc.

There is a choice of colour schemes and the surfaces are easy to clean and hygienic.


Interior Finishing and Fittings

Natural motive walls make your MR room open and friendly.


The new room experience sets fabulous accents in every room size and creates a visually generous sense of space.

The motives are provided in the best quality on our interior decoration panels and have a UV and scratch protection. By selecting an image out of our huge database, you are able to customize your own motive by choosing your personal size and shape.


By juxtaposing the wall panels, almost seamless, the borders are merely limited through the image size or resolution.


We will gladly advise you and help you with the optimal design of your decorative wall and its implementation in your RF enclosure.

Features and benefits​​
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Wall Panels

Interior Finishing and Fittings

The wall panels are of fibreboard 16 mm thick and 1050 mm wide with a melamine finish (other finishes optionally available). They are held in place by vertical anodised aluminum rails with a decorative light grey plastic trim and extend from the finished floor up to the suspended ceiling. They can be removed for access if necessary.

Other wall finishes such as alternative colours or wood imitations are optionally available. SWISS KRONO wall panels, for example, are available in a variety of designs and colours. The melamine coated surface is durable, fully washable, and resistant to diluted acids and lyes.

With a PictureWALL you will even get your favorite motive on your walls.

Ceiling Panels

Interior Finishing and Fittings

The ceiling panels are 400 mm wide aluminum finished with white oven baked enamel. They are perforated over 12 % of their area to provide both an acoustic barrier and an air distribution plenum if necessary. The sub construction is of non-ferrous material.


Interior Finishing and Fittings

IMEDCO shielded floors come standard with a vinyl covering laid on copper strips connected to a common ground terminal using electrically conducting adhesive. Our standard floor colour is Forbo Colorex Adula.

Forbo ColoRex® floor coverings are homogeneous pressed tiles. Due to the high vinyl content and the high-pressure manufacturing process, the tiles have excellent resistance to wear and indentation. The smooth non-porous surface exhibits good resistance to chemicals and is easy to clean.

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