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Recent advances in MRI magnet technology have been driven by the use of new and more powerful gradients. The acoustic noise levels generated by these gradients can have a negative effect on the surrounding environment. IMEDCO can supply RF shielding and SilentSHIELD™ components that offer greater acoustic attenuation.

IMEDCO developped SilentSHIELD™ walls, ceilings, floors, doors, and windows. Our components are well tested and documented with test data acquired by independent acoustic engineers.


The noise generated by MRI equipment is transmitted to the walls, floor and ceiling either through the air (a) or the supports of the MRI equipment (c). It is then propagated through the structure of the building and radiated as airborne sound from the walls, floors and ceilings of other rooms (b). In the case of airborne noise, the acoustic energy transferred to the building structure can be reduced by soundproofing the surfaces with mineral wool or by installing double (cavity) walls. The mounting of the MRI equipment must be adequately sprung to minimise the transmission of vibration via the supports of the MRI equipment to the floor of the MRI room.

Various so called SilentSHIELD™ packages can be provided for specific site conditions.

As example, mineral wool is added between the RF shield and the building structure of the room. This can be attached in the case of the walls of the building before the RF enclosure is installed. IMEDCO normally supplies the mineral wool, however, which is attached to the copper ceiling. A self-supporting ceiling is mounted on either wooden beams or stainless steel girders and completely enclosed in chipboard. The soundproofing is also improved by the elastically suspended false plasterboard ceiling and mounting the entire enclosure on elastomer.


IMEDCO can also supply SilentSHIELD™ RF doors with soundproofing. The characteristics of the soundproofing were determined by an independent laboratory according to ISO 140/717. The special sliding acoustic seal used does not impair the ease of opening the door. The design of the soundproof door is covered by US patent Nr. 6 519 899.

Also SilentSHIELD™ RF windows with different degrees of sound attenuation can be delivered.

The standard values of our sound attenuation components are:

RF-wall: Rw = 36 dB

StandardDOOR  Rw = 40 dB or Rw = 42 dB
FrictionlessDOOR  Rw = 43 dB

RF-window: Rw = 43 dB (up to Rw = 55 dB)

Higher sound attenuation components are also available on request.