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RSNA 2015

IMEDCO presented the US and the international audience the latest in RF enclosure technlogy at the RSNA in Chicago.

  • Ferromagnetic detection system Ferralert integrated into RF door
  • Lighting solutions inside the exam room
  • Sound attenuation options
  • Sliding door
  • RF Enclosure technology
  • Retrofit and modifiction options
  • Bladder door (only available for US market)

The 2015 RSNA recently wrapped up in Chicago.  This was the Society’s 100th anniversary.  For the IMEDCO Group, it was our 22nd appearance. This year our booth was in a very good location being halfway down the aisle of one of the 2 main entrances.  Overall professional attendance at the show was roughly 10% less than 2014, but the IMEDCO booth attendance was actually higher than in previous year, suggesting that the MRI-related healthcare spending is available.

The booth itself had a bit of a new theme this year focusing on a twist of a familiar symbol… 

The Iso-Center of an MRI is the center of the magnetic field, and the starting point for MRI Shielding design. We at IMEDCO also see it as a symbol representing how we view our relationship with you. Whether you are the imaging director, administrator, radiologist, technician, general contractor, architect, consultant or the magnet vendor representative IMEDCO is committed to putting your needs at the center of our attention.

The Iso-center symbol was displayed throughout the booth and panels via back-ground signage.

In the display were three different IMEDCO RF door designs, a working Ferrous Metal Detection system and the traditional key RF components and options that we offer.

All of the products and models showed well and were well received by the attendees.