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Production and installation capabilities

IMEDCO has full control over its manufacturing procedures. We run three fully equipped production plants worldwide.

In Switzerland we are producing all parts including the core components such as RF cage doors and RF shielding windows.

In the US and in China we setup production facilities serving the local customer. The Chinese facility is registered as a green supplier in the Philips sustainability system.

IMEDCO China and IMEDCO USA import the RF shielding core components from Switzerland and assemble the RF shielding with local made RF cage panels, RF shielded floors and interior finishing.

The production facilities are heated, hygienic and provide an excellent working environment for high-quality products. The copper panels needed for the RF enclosures are manufactured on production lines embodying the latest technologies, much of the equipment and even the production line machines themselves being developed and constructed specifically for us.

Installation of the RF enclosures is done by our own technicians. Approx. 40 teams install the enclosures. The majority of them are based either in Switzerland, the US or in China. But some of them are localized apart from the manufacturing plants to serve the customer faster.