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Intra-Operative MRI Suite

The University Hospital at the Inselspital Bern, Switzerland has recently opened its new enhanced Intra-Operative MRI Suite. They created an operating area with modern imaging technologie in the Intensive Treatment, Emergency and Operation Centre that allows quality checks during complicated operations. Integrated in the new operation theater are a computer tomography (CT), a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and a so-called hybrid operation theatre for the treatment of cardio-vascular disease.

IMEDCO’s double-sliding, automatic RF-door with an integrated metal detection system divides the Operating room  and the adjacent MRI Exam Room at Inselspital in Bern. Key design parameters included OR environment and ease of use while maintaining the necessary RF attenuation and magnetic field containment were challenging factors.

This Inter-Operative MRI Project recently completed was a first in Switzerland. This MRI package was designed to an OR standard and was definitely not a typical MRI installation.

Interventional and Intra-Operative MRI suites are just one example of these specialized applications and settings. With over 6000 MRI installations around the world, IMEDCO has the experience to provide the particular components and knowhow that are critical when shielding these environments.