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As the power and performance of MRI equipment is improved and more radiological instruments are being applied, ongoing research and development is necessary to provide adequate shielding at minimum investment. Innovation to the customer’s benefit is our goal. Examples of this in recent years are the introduction of magnetically shielded rooms (MSRs), adding noise suppression to RF shielding and pneumatically operated and sliding doors. New shielding materials and techniques also have to be continuously evaluated. At IMEDCO, three qualified and experienced engineers are employed on R&D and three percent per annum of revenues are reinvested in our future. 

  • IMEDCO reacts on customer needs and develops new products for the use with an MRI or in an RF shielding for MRI
  • IMEDCO continuously works on the optimization of its product portfolio
  • IMEDCO focuses on production and process optimization

A dedicated floor of the production building is available for testing and simulation.

IMEDCO’s latest pneumatic door system, lighting solutions, interior finishing concepts, integrated passthrough waveguides and the integrated metal detection system are some of the most exiting advancements in RF shielding technology in the past 20 years.