Industriestrasse West 14
4614 Haegendorf CH
+41 62 209 40 20

Key to Success

IMEDCO believes that highly skilled, highly trained employees are the key to success. At IMEDCO all employees are integrated in an ongoing training scheme to make sure that they become and that they remain qualified. The working climate is excellent, employee satisfaction high and the remuneration above average. The company expects consistent effort, high quality and pride in the end product. Not only the sales people and project managers speak more than one language, but many of the fitters too. A number of the experienced Swiss employees have transferred to other countries and are able to provide customer support quickly and locally. Since the owners of the company also work in it, there is a family atmosphere about IMEDCO and one helps the other where difficulties arise.

A company can serve its customer only as good as its employees can.