Industriestrasse West 14
4614 Haegendorf CH
+41 62 209 40 20


IMEDCO specialises in the development and manufacture of shielding products for hospital equipment and treatment rooms containing devices either sensitive to, or that generate electrostatic and electromagnetic interference.

The company was founded in 1987 and is today still a privately owned Swiss company. IMEDCO’s head office and factory are located on an industrial estate at Hägendorf within easy reach of both Zurich and Basle. IMEDCO has established sales and customer support facilities throughout Europe, Asia and North America. Manufacturing facilities in China and in the United States are established.

Hospitals, universities, private radiologist practices and manufacturers of medical diagnostic equipment are among our customers.




IMEDCO AG is a joint-stock company constituted under Swiss law. The share capital of nominally CHF 500,000.00 is not traded on the stock exchange and mainly owned by the CEO and the division managers. Many employees have already qualified for a share as a loyalty bonus and the remainder of the shares are held by the company’s pension scheme. D&B declares that IMEDCO AG was registered as a company with a Risk Indicator 1.