IMEDCO specializes in the development and manufacture of shielding products for hospital equipment and treatment rooms containing devices either sensitive to, or that generate electrostatic and electromagnetic interference.

The company was founded in 1987 and is today still a privately owned Swiss company. IMEDCO’s head office and factory are located on an industrial estate at Hägendorf within easy reach of both Zurich and Basel. IMEDCO has established sales and customer support facilities throughout Europe, Asia and North America with manufacturing facilities in China and in the United States.

Hospitals, universities, private radiologist practices and manufacturers of medical diagnostic equipment are among our customers.


Production and Installation Capabilities

IMEDCO has full control over its manufacturing procedures.
We run three fully equipped production plants worldwide:

  • In Switzerland we are producing all parts including the core components such as RF cage doors and RF shielding windows.
  • In the US and in China we setup production facilities serving the local customer. The Chinese facility is registered as a green supplier in the Philips sustainability system.
  • IMEDCO China and IMEDCO USA import the RF shielding core components from Switzerland and assemble the RF shielding with local made RF cage panels, RF shielded floors and interior finishing.
  • The production facilities are heated, hygienic and provide an excellent working environment for high-quality products. The copper panels needed for the RF enclosures are manufactured on production lines embodying the latest technologies, much of the equipment and even the production line machines themselves being developed and constructed specifically for us.

Installation of the RF enclosures is done by our own technicians. Approx. 40 teams install the enclosures. Most of them are based either in Switzerland, the US or in China. But some of them are localized apart from the manufacturing plants to serve the customer faster.


As the power and performance of MRI equipment is improved and more radiological instruments are being applied, ongoing research and development is necessary to provide adequate shielding at minimum investment. Innovation to the customer’s benefit is our goal. Examples of this in recent years are the introduction of magnetically shielded rooms (MSRs), adding noise suppression to RF shielding and pneumatically operated and sliding doors.

New shielding materials and techniques also must be continuously evaluated. At IMEDCO, qualified and experienced engineers are employed on R&D and three percent per annum of revenues are reinvested in our future.

  • IMEDCO reacts on customer needs and develops new products for the use with an MRI or in an RF shielding for MRI

  • IMEDCO continuously works on the optimization of its product portfolio

  • IMEDCO focuses on production and process optimization

A dedicated floor of the production building is available for testing and simulation.

IMEDCO’s latest pneumatic door system, lighting solutions, animation solutions, interior finishing concepts, integrated passthrough waveguides and the integrated metal detection system are some of the most exiting advancements in RF shielding technology in the past 20 years.

Advice and Consultation

A team of project managers are working together with the customer to define the best solution. Our project managers have direct access to the IMEDCO knowledge base. They all speak and write several languages and have extensive experience in the RF-shielding sector. Experience gained through work in the field at customer sites, gained through work with MR projects in general or gained by an extensive training at IMEDCO in Switzerland.

All project managers are supported by a team of technical support engineers. These support engineers are specialists in the theory of shielding RF and magnetic fields.

Planning and Drafting​

IMEDCO RF and magnetic shields are engineered and designed to customer and MR vendor specifications. Many of the basic elements are standard modules stored in an electronic library.
We are fully conversant with the MRI systems of the major manufacturers, study and keep up to date the respective manuals and site planning guides and train our staff in the best possible solutions for them.

Today, we receive and deliver most drawings and documents electronically. Drawings are produced using state of the art 2D and 3D drafting software AutoCAD and Solidworks.

Quality Management

For IMEDCO AG, quality management is the key element of its company philosophy and strategy. Quality is of the utmost importance especially in such sensitive areas as hospitals. The entire IMEDCO production process and customer support operation was thus audited according ISO 9001:2015 (SQS Certificate Registration No. 13276).

Since 1997 every shield we supply has to be designed and manufactured according to ISO rules.

IMEDCO’s sole aim is to provide our customers with products of the highest quality that reflects the latest state of the art technology to serve the customer’s purpose in the best possible way.
Well over 7700 shields installed world-wide bear witness to the high quality of IMEDCO RF enclosures.

Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management activities are centralized in Switzerland. We control the quality of the incoming goods continuously.

Purchasing activities are localized in key markets to get access to local materials and find the most appropriate supplier base.

Large storage area enables us to offer customers short delivery lead times, because many shielding components are available ex stock.

Space is also available for storing finished components should a project be delayed.

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